What is the best body paint for cosplay?

In the rating of questions that I am asked by phone, email and all kinds of messengers, the question of paints for body art is leading. How to paint on the body, how paint is washed off, where to get it? To be honest, I’m tired of answering the same questions, but I can’t help answering either.

It would seem – what could be simpler – to type “paint for body art” in Google and get an exhaustive answer. But what I found on the first page of the search engine shocked me. Most of the articles on the sites and some clever people on the forums say in all seriousness that “For modern body art, artistic gouache, special make-up or acrylic paints are used. The latter last longer, but are difficult to wash off.” Gouache and acrylic paints, f *** ing. Really in our time no one heard about face painting?

So, a little educational program, dear!

Body art (in the narrow sense of the word), or body painting, is painting on the body. For body art, professional paints are used, specially developed by cosmetic companies for these purposes. Such dyes are harmless to the skin of models, they are not only hypoallergenic, but also fit well on the skin, do not crack on the bends of the arms and legs, do not flow under the light of spotlights and are easily washed off with warm water and soap and / or special cleansers (like milk for removing makeup, etc.).

There are two types of materials (professional cosmetic dyes) that are used for makeup, body and face art:

  • On a greasy basis (theatrical make-up, supra color, supra, fards gras)
  • Water-based (face painting, aqua color, liquid make up, aquarelle, watercolor) – we call this type of paint for body art, or face painting.

So, face painting is, in fact, cosmetics. It just has the properties necessary for painting on the body. It is diluted with water, similar to ordinary paint for painting, applied with brushes (natural and synthetic), sponges, or airbrush. You can find several types / consistencies of face painting:

  • Pressed (wet make up, sake) in pallets of several colors, or in individual packages of different sizes);
  • Creamy (creamy, cream) in tube packages;
  • Liquid (Liquid make up) in bottle packaging;
  • Liquid for airbrush (airbrush, air make up).

If you are a beginner body painter, or just want to try painting on the body, I advise you to purchase palettes.

Firstly, all the necessary colors are in one box, and secondly, the volume of paints in the palette is enough to play enough to understand whether you are interested in continuing to do body art. There are even special children’s palettes – good fun at a children’s party.

Creamy face painting is convenient for large-scale use – professionals prefer to buy it, since the tubes are quite voluminous, and even when diluted with water, this volume increases significantly.

Liquid face painting is usually ready to use, you just need to shake it well.

Some brands have a division of the line into separate airbrush products (like KRYOLAN, for example), others do not, but liquid or creamy face painting is suitable for airbrush (like MEHRON, for example) if diluted with water. You should carefully study the label, there is usually a can use with airbrush mark.

Sometimes I mix face painting with acrylic pigments, or with watercolors to achieve some kind of effects. But I always apply such paints to the skin already “primed” with face painting.

So, let’s go through the brands presented in my city.


Best face and body paint for cosplay

The world famous German company (as well as the leader of the Russian market of goods for body painting), which produces a wide range of professional cosmetics and make-up for body art, make-up, special effects, theatrical make-up.

I highly recommend pressed face painting in a round package (there are various volumes – from 8 to 100 g) and creamy in 50 ml tubes (it can also be diluted for airbrush, except for metallics). Convenient metal palettes with replaceable blocks – you can buy a ready-made palette with a set of colors, or you can – empty and choose the necessary shades yourself. By the way, about the shades. I don’t like orange either for texture or wash-off. In general, the palette has a variety of colors: pure, metallic, pearlescent, satin, fluorescent (they glow in UV light, so they are very good for working in clubs).

There is also a separate pigment of the “Air Stream” series for airbrushing of excellent quality, but very expensive:

But those liquid paints that are sold in Moscow and stink of cologne I do not advise anyone. In New York, liquid face painting cryolan is of a completely different quality, good, this is how the packaging looks like:

Perhaps it will appear in Moscow soon too. All detailed information, store addresses can be found on the website www.kryolan.ru. And, by the way, for colleagues who do not live in Moscow: as far as I know, in the Moscow office you can order mail delivery in Russia. Call and find out!

Best white face paint for cosplay

One of my favorite brands, originally from France. In addition to excellent decorative cosmetics, make-up and special effects for cinema, it produces absolutely gorgeous face painting, bright, saturated colors (brighter than Cryolan, for example, and better in quality, in my purely subjective opinion :)). This face painting is more flexible than many others. The line includes both pressed and creamy face painting, of different volumes and shades (bright, pastel, metallic, satin). There are no problems in shades – everything is well applied, so it lasts and rinses off.

What is the best body paint for cosplay

I discovered face painting of this brand in the USA, although in Moscow it can also be found in the professional Debo store, here is its website. I don’t know how in Moscow, but here it is catastrophically inexpensive, $ 8 for over 100 ml. Good quality liquid face painting, which is also suitable for airbrush. I haven’t tried pressed, although there are more colors (32) than liquid ones. Of the minuses – only the relative dimness of some shades and their small amount in the liquid version (11 basic + two metallics, and flesh, like there is Glow-in-the-dark, but I have not even seen this). But on the other hand, the hiding power and resistance of the liquid pigment are very good.

Make Up For Ever

Another chic French brand, unfortunately, is not widely enough and too expensively represented in Moscow. There are relatively few colors, mostly bright basic shades (white, black, red, shades of blue and green, fuchsia, pink, yellow, orange, purple) As far as I know, in Moscow you can buy only liquid face painting (Aquarelles) in small tubes of 10 ml, like this:

Although the brand has both pressed and creamy face painting in packages of different sizes. I really love the creamy face painting in tubes, the quality and colors are just awesome. Recently I have been working only with them, especially pearlescent and metallic colors. I dilute the creamy face painting with water and use it for the airbrush. In any case, it is unreasonable to use it in Moscow – it will be too expensive: (((


A relatively new company on the Russian market, and to be honest, I didn’t have time to try it. But the choice of volumes, colors and types of face painting is impressive. The product line includes creamy, liquid and pressed paints, as well as airbrush paints. Plus powder and glitter. Pleases a palette in which you can find Pure colors, metallics, fluorescent, flesh, pearlescent and pastel shades.


The famous American brand of paints for aero make-up and aero face art. The line includes pigments based on water, silicone and even alcohol bases – for different purposes. In my opinion, it is inappropriate to use Temptu paints for full body art, but for face art or small drawings applied through a stencil – it is the most. In addition, the unique alcohol-based paint stays on the skin for several days and does not suffer from water).