How to apply face and body paint

How to apply face and body paint
  1. Pencil for painting the body (pencil for tattoo) will draw even clear lines and last on the skin for up to three days. And nine of Revlon’s “Street Wear” tattoo pencils with two ends – matte and mother-of-pearl – have won women’s hearts. The top of the tattoo is covered with a transparent liquid “Tatoo Sealer”, which resembles a nail fixer, thanks to which the tattoo stays on the skin for up to a week!
  2. The felt-tip pen (marker) for tattooing is often difficult to wash off, so that the drawing can come off with spots, but otherwise it is very good and in terms of clarity and brightness of the lines will not be inferior to a real tattoo. It lasts up to three days on the skin, and maybe longer if not washed off. And there are markers for children, they are completely safe and very well mimic the effect of a tattoo illuminated from below. A felt-tip pen or marker will draw the tattoo for several hours, or maybe even for 1 day. This pattern can be easily washed off, but the paint is also easily washed out and spreads over the skin. If the felt-tip pen is water-based, then the tattoo will last less on the skin, and if on alcohol, it will last longer, but it will be more difficult to wash it off.
  3. Paints for painting on the body in tubes have recently appeared at Kenzo: gold, purple, orange, yellow. They are good in all respects – both for drawing openwork patterns, and for covering large areas of the body, they do not spread, they will last on the skin for up to three days.
  4. Airbrush for body painting – a device for spraying liquid paint with compressed air, allows you to create very interesting effects. It lasts up to 3 days on the skin.
  5. Body painting atomizers – special atomizers in small bottles. They are good for covering large surfaces of the body, working with stencils, imitating a scattering of sparkles on the body (by the way, you can also use multi-colored hairspray for this). They stay on the skin for up to 3 days, wash off well with water and soap. Very interesting patterns can be made with a spray gun if you use real lace as a stencil.
  6. Kaial or liner (especially waterproof!). The thin brush of the eyeliner glides easily over the skin and evenly lays down the paint, which does not wash off for a long time. It used to be a bit boring to paint on the skin with eyeliner: black and brown. But now there is an abundance of colors: purple, emerald, blue, bright blue, green, ultramarine and white (look among Lancome, Bourjois, Givenchy). Even more color choices among eyeliners!
  7. With the help of theatrical make-up, it is convenient to simply paint over large areas of the skin, creating a background, but it is unlikely that you will be able to draw a clear drawing or draw a thin line. Makeup is well washed off with oil.
  8. Gouache is very easy to use – it fits well if allowed to dry a little, does not mix with layers of other colors. It is mainly used to cover large areas of the body, but you can, of course, draw a small pattern as well. Gouache drawing is short-lived, as it is easily washed off at the first contact with water. When it dries completely, the paint cracks, and at the places of the bends it just falls off. To avoid this, you can add a little glycerin or shampoo to the gouache – the paint will become more elastic, thinner and smoother. Also, be prepared for the gouache to change its tone as it dries. Please note that poster gouache, although cheaper than art, is also more fragile.
  9. Watercolor on honey is almost the same as gouache, but it is difficult to make a multi-layered multi-color drawing with it.
  10. Acrylic paints are generally ideal for body painting. This paint is very elastic, bright, does not break when dry, the colors superimpose well on each other, as the paint dries quickly. A small tattoo drawing will fully and brightly paint on your skin for up to two days, or maybe more, since the paint is difficult to wash off.

Where to buy face paints? What colors are used to paint on the face?

What could be more fun for a child than drawing on his face? They create a wonderful holiday atmosphere and help a little dreamer to fully feel like a naughty kitten or a cute dragon.

Face paints (children’s face painting) are completely harmless to sensitive baby skin and can be washed off with plain warm water and soap. With the help of face painting, you can not only draw attention to the child’s costume, but also show the character of the character chosen by the kid, allowing the child to completely immerse himself in the fairy-tale world.

Choosing children’s face painting

To please your baby, first of all, you will need face painting, brushes of various thicknesses, as well as soft cosmetic sponges. When choosing a face paint for children, you should be very careful, because the make-up will be applied to the child’s face, the skin on which is very delicate and sensitive.

Make sure that the colors you choose are intended specifically for the leather. Otherwise, the child may have a severe allergic reaction, and in the worst case, even poisoning! Face paints must be hypoallergenic and contain only natural or organic ingredients. Chemical components in the composition of paints are completely unacceptable. The brand and type of paint must fully comply with certain quality standards.

High-quality face painting is sold in the form of a compressed powder, which outwardly resembles classic watercolors. Alternatively, you can purchase a liquid equivalent, sold in small jars. The compressed powder is simply diluted in a small amount of warm water to a creamy state, and then they can already be painted on the face.

When choosing brushes, soft bristles should be preferred. A natural hair brush is the ideal choice. Then, during the application of face paint, it will not scratch the child’s face.

The choice of a sponge should also be taken very carefully. After all, it will be required in order to paint large areas of the skin. The best selection criterion will be the sample. Place the sponge on your baby’s face. If after it there are no particles left, then it is completely suitable.

We develop the design of the future makeup

How to paint a face with paints? If this process is new to you, then first of all it is worth developing several options for various children’s images. Fantasy will help you with this. You can come up with many looks, ranging from a funny dog to magical superheroes.

Face paint: do it yourself

If suddenly the local store simply does not know what paints they paint on the face, then this problem is completely solvable. To please her child, any mother can make these magical paints on her own.

For this we need:

  • starch;
  • moisturizer (ideally for baby skin);
  • regular food coloring.

The cooking recipe is as follows:

  • put 3 tablespoons of starch, a teaspoon of water and a teaspoon of cream in a deep bowl, and then mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained;
  • prepare a concentrated solution of food coloring;
  • adding a few drops of dye to the prepared mixture, to achieve the desired shade of paint.

That’s it, you can call your tiger cub or kitten and start transforming to the end!