Face painting: what is it and how to apply it

Face painting: what is it and how to apply it

Face painting is a special technique for painting on the skin. Since it is assumed that the paint will remain on the skin for a long time, special dyes are used in face painting – they are water-based and safe for human health. Let’s talk about this method of applying makeup in more detail.

What it is

Face painting for adults and children is applied with paint on water – hence the name. It does not contain toxic substances, therefore, when using it, there is no need to fear for health.

High-quality makeup is removed from the skin with plain water, it can be easily washed off with soap. The paint dries quickly – this allows you to paint without getting dirty.

The following features of face painting can be distinguished:

  1. It does not irritate the skin, as it contains natural ingredients – for example, detoxyl, which protects the skin from negative effects.
  2. Does not require specialized rinsing agents: to wash, it is enough to use warm water and soap.
  3. It can be easily washed from clothes, if suddenly it gets dirty – no additional funds are needed for this.
  4. Dries quickly, which allows you to apply paint in several layers.
  5. Elastic structure due to which cracks do not appear in the drawing.

With the help of face painting, you can become like any animal, apply a beautiful pattern on your face or create an interesting illusion. The variety of ideas allows this technique to be used by people of all ages and genders.

As an addition to the drawing, face painting artists use sparkles, rhinestones and other decorative elements – they are easily attached to the sticky layer of paint and adhere well to the skin.

How face painting is applied

Both a professional and an amateur can make drawings on the skin. If you have any idea, it is quite possible to implement it yourself.

For this you need to take:

  • paints;
  • brushes of various sizes;
  • sponge or small sponge;
  • cotton buds;
  • wet wipes;

Face painting paints can be purchased in offline or online creative stores. Special pencils and markers are also sold, with the help of which the aquariums are applied to the skin.

Before starting work, it is necessary to test for the presence of an allergic reaction. To do this, a little dye is applied to the wrist for 20-40 minutes. If you are not allergic, you can apply paint on your face.

To begin with, a tone is applied with a sponge or a sponge – this must be done as evenly as possible, since the tone is the basis for the drawing. If necessary, paint over the eyelids and eyebrows.

The makeup process is similar to painting with watercolors. Eyes are drawn with a soft wide brush, eyebrows are drawn. Then you need to act from top to bottom: the forehead, cheeks, chin are made up.

When drawing, you should not collect a lot of paint: it should not drip from the brush, otherwise you will have to repeatedly adjust the drawing.

How to make face painting yourself

Face painting can be done by hand. To do this, take:

  • baby cream – 10 mg;
  • potato starch – 2-3 tbsp. l .;
  • food colors of the desired shades; warm water – 2 tbsp. l.

All components are mixed sequentially in a plastic container:

  1. First, the starch is diluted with water.
  2. Gradually, a baby cream is added to this mass, mixed until smooth.
  3. Dyes are added to the mass – do not rush to add a large amount of dye, do it drop by drop until the desired color is achieved.
  4. The finished paint is applied to the body. You can draw anything you want: a butterfly, a spider-man, intricate patterns, etc.
  5. At the end, the face painting is decorated with pearl powder, sparkles and rhinestones.

Makeup for children

  • There are several events in which the presence of makeup on a child will not cause unnecessary questions for anyone:
  • Photoshoot
  • Holidays (especially children’s Halloween makeup is in demand)
  • Speeches
  • Basic recommendations for choosing baby cosmetics
  • The composition of products for children’s makeup should not contain hormones of plant and animal origin
  • The presence of exotic components is also unacceptable.
  • Any cosmetic product should be washed off with plain water.
  • The purchased cosmetics must not be expired (otherwise, they may injure the child)

It is better to buy any beauty products for children in specialized and proven stores.

The main principle of children’s makeup

Makeup for children should be as natural as possible. After all, little representatives of the fair sex are adorable and adorable even without cosmetics, and a large amount of cosmetics will only spoil their delicate image.

How to properly apply children’s face painting

Children’s face painting is a great way to make any event and pastime with the participation of children brighter and more fun. The main thing with all this is to remember the basic rules and recommendations when working with it:

  • It is undesirable to apply face painting to children under the age of 3 years.
  • Before applying face painting to a child’s face, you must first apply a small amount of it to the arm, neck or skin behind the ear to check that there is no allergic reaction
  • It is not recommended to apply face painting to children who have scratches, wounds or rashes on their face
  • Before you start drawing, it is better to degrease the child’s skin and wipe it with a damp cloth (in this case, the paint will lay down smoother)
  • The drawing on the face of the child can be no more than 3 hours

How to choose paints for face painting

Since children’s face painting involves applying paints to the child’s face, their choice should be taken with full responsibility. For example, you need to consider that good and high-quality face paint paints have a certificate confirming their safety and effectiveness. And also the fact that they should not contain acrylic, gouache or watercolors (paints with such a composition clog the skin pores and can cause allergies, itching or redness). The best option is water-based or wax-based paints.