Face painting: painted children

Face painting: painted children

Children’s parties involve not only fun entertainment, but also bright costumes and outfits. Girls and boys want to stand out in the crowd of other guys, to be the characters of cartoons or games. Adults also keep up with children and decorate their bodies and faces with pictures, various patterns for Halloween.

Applying colorful drawings to the body or face with water-based paints is called face painting.

Face painting and the history of its origin

Face painting paints do not contain toxic or allergenic substances, are completely safe to use and can be easily washed off with water. The difference between face painting and ordinary theatrical makeup lies in its structure, which does not clog pores, so it can be used even for the delicate skin of a baby.

Degreased cosmetic water-based paints were not immediately invented. The Cro-Magnon ancestors used powder from various plants, diluting the mixture with water. Such a base was used to apply on the face in case of a threat of war, by shamans to talk with the spirits of their ancestors.

In the Middle Ages, the water-based substance was used by theater artists to transform into fairy-tale characters, females or animals. In the second half of the 18th century, make-up became an integral companion of English actors, jesters and buffoons.

In Russia, blueberry juice diluted with water and mixed with mud was used by mummers during folk festivals and festivities. And only in the 60s of the XX century the art of body art became ubiquitous and in demand, face painting appeared, which is used to this day.

There is a huge assortment of colors, paints, water-based pencils for painting the face and body on the market. The service has become so popular that it appeared in the prices of beauty salons. In a few minutes, your child can be turned into any cartoon character, game, comic book at an affordable price.

Contraindications to face painting

For painting the body and face, special paints are used, which can only be purchased in professional stores in a set or in several pieces at once. The dyes are completely natural and are made from raw materials approved by medical organizations. Face painting does not cause allergic reactions, but nevertheless, before using, you should make sure that the child does not have itching or skin rash.

It is necessary to conduct an allergy test, applying a small amount of paint with a brush to the back of the child’s hand, wait 10 minutes. If there are no negative manifestations during this time, then you can safely paint the child.

Face painting restrictions usually apply to children under 3 years old. Paints can have a negative effect, getting into the mouth. It is not recommended to apply the composition to wounds, cuts and any other mechanical damage to the skin. Do not use paints if you are allergic to the cosmetic components that make up the composition.

Recommendations for applying face painting:

  1. To apply face painting, you need to buy a set of paints, brushes, sponges, sponges, wet and dry wipes, cotton pads and sticks in advance.
  2. The drawing should only be applied by a specially trained person working under a license with face painting material. The drawing will turn out beautiful and professional, it will be absolutely safe for a child or an adult.
  3. All materials for application must have a soft structure, do not scratch delicate skin.
  4. It is necessary to have a small amount of water nearby in case paint gets into the eyes, mucous membranes, other parts of the body and face.
  5. If the child undergoes the procedure for the first time, then when applying face painting, you should tell the sequence and technique for completing the drawing, explain that the paints do not cause pain.

The technique of applying face and body

The process of applying face painting requires the specialist to focus and calibrate movements. After choosing a pattern, you can start drawing the first lines.

First of all, apply the tone with a soft sponge in a circular motion to the hairline. Thus, a three-dimensional pattern is created and children’s skin is separated from the direct effect of paint.

After applying the tone, a sketch of the drawing is outlined, lines and strokes are drawn. A thick brush is used to paint over the necessary details, and a thin brush is used to outline the lines and hatch small elements. When applying additional layers of paint, you must wait until the previous ones dry.

Additional accessories of the picture can be rhinestones, sparkles, bright elements that do not cause an allergic reaction.

If an incident happened and the drawing washed off a little, then you can remove the remnants of the damaged picture with warm water and draw again.

Differences between artistic makeup and face painting

Artistic make-up is made on a fat basis, and special means are required to remove it. Not recommended for children and people with allergies. Make-up is done very quickly with fluffy brushes. For fixation, special means are required.

Face painting is completely hypoallergenic and made from natural dyes mixed with water. Washes easily with water and soap, does not clog pores, creating greasy deposits. Can be used for children. Face painting is easy to apply and dries. For fixation, a special tool is selected, and in rare cases, hairspray is used.

Face painting ideas for boys and girls:

  • Super Heroes: Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk. The main background is black or green using red, white and yellow shades.
  • Animal: dog, wolf, tiger, lion, cat, bunny, mouse, squirrel. The main thing is to outline the contours and draw the wool correctly.
  • It makes the face look fabulous and is well accepted by girls of different ages.
  • The Snow Queen, Disney Princess. Girls feel like royalty and can be in the image of their favorite hero.
  • Skeleton, vampire, zombie. Popular images for adults and children for Halloween. Blood stains can be painted with red paint.
  • Unicorn, pony, pegasus. Interesting images that all girls like, without exception.
  • Dinosaur, octopus, shark. A bright accent can be made on the limbs of animals.
  • Clown, pirate, elf. Characters that, without exception, have become popular among children of all ages.

DIY face paint at home

If you haven’t found the paint you need for face painting in the store, you can always do it yourself. To do this, you need warm water (1, 5 tablespoons), 3 tablespoons of starch, food coloring of the selected color and baby cream.

In a separate jar, mix water and starch until a homogeneous consistency and add dye until the desired shade is obtained. We take cosmetic brushes, hairpins, protective cloth and begin the drawing process.

Despite the hypoallergenic composition of the paints and the ease of application, it is worth remembering that the drawing from a professional specialist will turn out better and of better quality, will bring the child pleasure and joy at a carnival or any other holiday. Choose a beauty salon for face painting, based on the certification of the master and according to the reviews of other parents.