Face painting is always fun!

Face painting is always fun!

The wonderful summer weather is conducive to carefree fun. For birthdays, graduations, weddings, children’s parties, you can easily transform into any desired character with the help of face painting. You can choose your own new image, experiment with your appearance and become different from always for a while.

Face painting is the art of changing the appearance, interesting reincarnation with the help of oil-free water-based cosmetic paints. The paint dries quickly, does not spread, allows you to apply one layer on top of another, can be easily washed off the skin with water and can be easily washed off when it gets on clothes. Drawings are preserved until the first wash, they turn out to be bright and saturated.

The unique face painting technique combines the art of theatrical make-up, painting with watercolors (sometimes with gouache) and makeup. Face painting paints were created by the world’s leading cosmetic companies in the 60s of the last century, after which this technique became widespread in the West, winning the hearts of both children and adults. The technique of applying face painting is identical to working with watercolors: paints are applied with brushes and sponges soaked in water.

You can also try to apply beautiful drawings on the face and body with the help of special paints at home, but here you need not only the ability to draw, but also professional knowledge and skills, so it is best to turn to the masters of make-up who will create a real masterpiece, emphasize the natural beauty its owner and will perfectly complement the festive look.

The most popular images for girls: princess, Winx fairies, Monster High dolls, Minnie Mouse, fairy, butterfly, star, kitty, ladybug, flower, heart, rainbow, etc.

The most popular images for boys: Spider-Man, Ninja Turtle, Batman, Tiger, Captain America, Lion, Pirate, Dragon, Robot, Indian, Monster, Spider, Scorpion, etc.

Where to order professional face painting

Since the child’s skin is soft, delicate and prone to rapid manifestations of allergic reactions, it is best to turn to professionals to create a beautiful pattern on the child’s face, who will do this work competently and will not harm the child.

In Melitopol, such a service as face painting appeared relatively recently – about 5 years ago. The founder of professional aquavisage in our city was the author’s studio of Tatyana Mikhlina MixVisageStudio, which continues to work successfully and offers its customers the highest quality drawing technology. Experienced aqua make-up artists work with models of different ages, use harmless, hypoallergenic matting agents and paint palettes.

By inviting MixVisageStudio aqua make-up artists to any event, you will receive not only high-quality makeup, but also a great mood.


  1. Face painting and toddlers up to 3 years old are incompatible. At this age, the skin is still very sensitive, and the risk of negative reactions increases dramatically.
  2. Face painting is contraindicated for children who are allergic to certain foods or soap.
  3. Do not use makeup if there are scratches, pimples, open wounds on the face and if the child suffers from a skin disease.

Valuable guidance

  1. Do not force make-up. Oddly enough, there are children who do not like the feeling of paint on their faces at all. Consider the child’s opinion.
  2. Print on a color printer or save some mask pictures on your phone. Have the child choose the option they like best.
  3. Remember that children are great fidgets. Therefore, you must do everything quickly and clearly. If the child starts spinning, give him a rest, get some fresh air.
  4. Place a mirror next to it. This will distract the child and provide an opportunity to observe the wonderful changes in your face.
  5. Be sure to talk to the “sitter”. Ask them to tell why he chose this particular character, what he liked about him.

DIY face painting

To create a face painting with our own hands, we need:

  • Specialty paints purchased from craft and party supplies stores. They can be dry (pressed like watercolor, diluted with water) and liquid. Face painting is also sold on sites dedicated to face and body art. They cost from about 140 $. for 4 colors up to 370 for 8. Glitters are used as an addition to paints. It is they who add spectacularity to the images of princesses, butterflies and fairytale fairies. For example, glitter glue costs 119 $.
  • Paint brushes – Standard natural bristle brushes for gouache or watercolors of different sizes are suitable: at least two thick flat-tipped brushes and thin pointed brushes for drawing fine details.
  • A set of sponges for applying tone on the face.

Stage 1: preparatory

Despite the fact that face painting of famous brands has passed a special examination and testing, before starting work on a small area of the model’s skin, it is advisable to apply a little paint and test for sensitivity and allergic reaction. Apply it to a small area of your face and wait. If after a while the skin turns red and itchy, do not experiment. Rinse off the paint immediately with water, wipe it dry and spread the cream on the irritated area.

Before applying makeup, remove the hair from the face in order to open the forehead as much as possible, and throw in something that you do not mind getting dirty, although the paint can be easily removed from clothes with warm water.

Stage 2: overlay tone

First of all, it is necessary to impose a tone on the face, which should be perfectly even and smooth. We moisten the sponge in water, squeeze it thoroughly, rub it with paint and apply a tone with light circular movements, evenly distributing it over the entire face. Long straight strokes are best avoided as they will be too noticeable when dry. Be sure to paint over the upper and lower eyelids. We pay special attention to the folds in the corners of the eyes, nose and lips, since it is the embossed parts of the face that cause the greatest difficulties for beginners.

Stage 3: drawing lines and outlines

Now the most difficult and responsible part of the work begins – drawing outlines, lines and small details. Holding the brush like a pencil, dip just above the bristles and draw paint in circular strokes. The paint should be creamy, it should not drip and spread. Apply face painting, holding the brush at right angles to the model’s face. To get a dot or a thin line, just touch the skin with the tip of the bristles. If you need a thick line, apply a brush to the skin and, using light pressure, draw a line.

Try to draw clearly and quickly, as it is difficult for children to sit still for a long time. In addition, from touching the brush to the face, they can be ticklish or funny, which will immediately affect their facial expressions.


Making a funny clown face is as easy as shelling pears.

  1. Draw with a thin brush two black triangles above and below the left eye.
  2. Apply red circles on both cheeks and tint them with white gloss (the symbol of a clown hat).

For a complete little clown look, attach a cute shiny hairpin to your hair and start the fun!


This make-up will be a topical addition for any nautical-style holiday.

  1. We tint the upper eyelid, eyebrow area and forehead with blue paint to the level of hair growth using a sponge (foam sponge).
  2. In the center of the forehead we paint a pearl shell with glossy white paint.
  3. Draw the contours of the shell with black gloss (using a thin brush), draw U-shaped stems up to the hairline.
  4. Draw waves with the same black and white gloss on a blue background and simulate the almond-shaped section of the eyes.

The hairstyle can be decorated with strings of pearls, hairpins – shells, starfish.


Ziggy Stardust makeup can be used for any celebration involving X-Men with superpowers.

  1. With a thick brush, paint an orange lightning bolt across the entire face from the right ear to the middle of the forehead.
  2. Shade the upper and lower contours of the lightning with purple and blue paint using a thin brush.

As an additional accessory to the look, you can use a silk cloak with a huge superhero star.