Face and body paint palette

Face and body paint palette

Isn’t it enough to have one tube of concealer in your basic makeup bag? It will be enough for both casual makeup and an evening look. However, those who are familiar with the principles of color correction in make-up know that with a large palette of concealers, the result can be better in both the first and second cases. Further in the material – instructions for using the palette of concealers for the face and an explanation of which colors to use for which purpose.

Nyx sfx face and body paint palette

The Concealer Palette is a collection of professional beauty products. Several shades of concealer are collected under one lid, not only for different skin types, but also for different problem areas.

Such palettes are used for color correction even before applying foundation. They help in spot masking imperfections by neutralizing skin color in a particular area of  the face.

Sfx face and body paint palette

The rules for color correction in makeup are based on the principle of the color wheel: those colors that are opposite each other on this circle neutralize each other. These are, for example, such pairs as red and green, purple and yellow. Shades for large palettes are chosen according to this logic. Next, we analyze in detail what color is needed for what.


Such a corrector is what you need if there are rashes, redness on the face, and if the vascular network is visible. When the skin tone itself is reddish, it is better to enlist the support of a greenish primer as well; locally, concealer will cope with imperfections.


The main purpose of the violet concealer in color correction is to get rid of the yellowness of the skin tone, a dull “earthy” shade. Speaking specifically about concealers, in purple, they most often help hide age spots, freckles, moles.


Just like the reddish concealer, pink is used to mask dark circles under the eyes – it does an excellent job of overlapping blue, purple and dark green hues. There is even such a beauty hack: if you don’t have the right concealer at hand, you can paint over the bruises with lipstick, and then hide the traces of its unauthorized use with foundation.


He, too, is able to make dark circles under the eyes invisible, and at the same time return a fresh and vigorous look to the skin and face. In addition, with the help of a yellow concealer, you can “hide” red-brown spots – these are, for example, acne marks. Read about other ways to use it here.


This is a versatile option. If you do not have specific problems that require the use of multi-colored concealers, you can use a neutral, that is, a flesh-colored product. White concealer has the same properties, but it can be useful in other situations as well – for example, if you need to lighten a foundation bought by mistake in the wrong shade.

Nyx sfx face and body paint palette review

  1. Look at the skin and assess its condition: are there any imperfections from which you would like to distract attention? The result of the “examination” will be the starting point when performing makeup with a concealer palette.
  2. If there are multiple problems, mask them using the desired colors in turn. Start with the areas of the skin that require intervention the most: it can be dark circles from lack of sleep or, say, large rashes. Then treat minor imperfections (age spots, small pimples). While you work on minor skin imperfections, the first layers of concealer will have time to dry, which will make the corrective make-up more durable.

Don’t forget about shading. Before applying foundation over concealer “spots”, soften the edges so that they blend into the skin. Otherwise, the outlines of areas with color correctors will be visible even through the layer of cream.

Nyx face and body paint palette

The skin tone concealer you use to correct imperfections should always be slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Under the eyes, apply a pink or beige concealer in an inverted triangle, stretching the color downward to better hide dark circles. And mask pimples with small dots, without going beyond the limits of redness.

It is not necessary to use concealers from the palette only for their intended purpose. They can come in handy, for example, if you want to get a new shade of lipstick. The creamy texture allows you to experiment by mixing products of different colors with each other.

Master Camo, Maybelline New York

This set is borrowed from the arsenal of makeup artists. It features two color correctors and two concealers to help neutralize the most common imperfections in skin tone. In addition, the kit includes two highlighters – for placing light accents at the final stage of makeup. The Master Camo palette allows you to consistently refine your complexion to perfection. First, you need to use correctors to mask redness and dark circles under the eyes.