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A brief overview on how to choose and use paint for leather, about the properties and manufacturers of dyes, is presented in this article. Although leather is a natural material, after a while even it loses its representative appearance and needs restoration. You can restore the former attractiveness of your favorite leather thing by using a special pumpkin face paint.

Paint it yourself, or attract specialists?

Before handing over a leather product to a repair and restoration workshop, it is necessary to assess the possible risks. To do this, you can ask close friends and acquaintances whether they had to give things to the chosen workshop, what was the result.

For self-dyeing leather, you will need to be patient and purchase the necessary tools and paint. Varieties of coloring agents for natural leather represent a large selection.

So, for example, a leather product based on oil or water is suitable for painting a leather jacket. As a result, oil paint will make the product denser and harder, while water paint, on the contrary, will soften the texture of the material and retain its natural properties.

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Before preparing restorative staining, special attention should be paid to the choice of the product itself. On the shelves of shoe and leather stores, there are currently many options.

First of all, it is worth distinguishing between paint and impregnation or spray. The latter are used as leather care products.

Manufacturers produce paint in the form of a spray bottle with a foam tip, or simply in a container with a lid. It is worth noting that experts consider spray paint (spray) the most convenient for home staining. Its use is safe and in the process of work, you can independently control the intensity of the painting, if necessary, apply another layer of the product. Also, the spray is evenly distributed, which does not cause problems with excessive or insufficient application of the dye.

The foam tip is also easy to use. It is enough to apply the agent after opening the seal of the container with rubbing movements. The paint impregnates the tip and, as it is consumed, is fed through a special outlet from the container to the foam rubber. It is best used for spot staining of the skin, when individual areas are subject to restoration, and not the entire product as a whole.

A box or tin can with paint is applied using auxiliary items – a sponge, or a piece of natural fabric. You can paint absolutely any leather thing with such paint.

Important: before proceeding directly to the staining itself, you need to take care of personal protective equipment – wear a protective screen or glasses, rubber gloves. Prevent accidental contact with an open body part.

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The quality of the product also depends on the reputation of the manufacturer. For self-use, you can purchase paint for leather shoes if there is no leather goods repair shop nearby. The package must indicate that this is a product for dyeing natural leather and its tone (color).

List of common brands of leather dyeing products:

  • Liquid leAther is an upper-middle-class product, manufactured in the USA, used by specialists for spot and complete coloring of the skin.
  • Krkaska “Classic leather”, average price, is intended for independent and professional use. Produced in the Russian Federation.
  • TM Salamander – offers products in the middle price category. The fastness of the product is good, the colors are rich, the tone corresponds to the description.
  • Salton – products for home use, average price.
  • Twist – dyes for natural suede and leather.

Skin dyeing at home

To carry out the process of restoration and dyeing of genuine leather products, you will need to have the following set:

  • Rubber gloves for hands
  • Glasses, or eye protection
  • Unnecessary fabric, or oilcloth for the surface of the desktop
  • Sponge, or a piece of foam rubber, woolen fabric
  • Liquid paint
  • Warm water and soap
  • Degreasing liquid
  • Leather dye fixer
  • Leather care product
  • Soft brush

In order not to spoil your favorite leather thing out of ignorance or inexperience, the product should be tested on a small, invisible area of  the product, and if the process does not cause doubts and problem reactions, you can safely continue.

Almost all skin treatment products contain turpentine – a highly flammable substance, therefore, for safety reasons, there should be a fire extinguisher or a thick blanket at hand to extinguish a sudden fire. The requirements for the room are open vents and good lighting. There should be no foreign objects and open flames on the working surface.

In advance, with the help of cellophane, wrap the accessories of the product. Distribute the dye evenly on the surface of the skin, for a spray and a foam cartridge – shake the container before use.

In the process of painting, visually determine which areas need to be reapplied with the substance, and which ones are sufficiently painted over.

Before re-spraying, wait until the first coat is completely dry and sufficiently saturated. When the product is painted in the desired shade, and the last layer of the dye is absorbed and dried, you can apply the fixer – according to the same principle of even distribution. Later, apply a skin care product, after it has penetrated the pores of the leather jacket, polish with surface touches of the bristles of a soft brush.

Thus, store the freshly painted item away from heat heaters and open flames, prevent direct sunlight.


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It is possible to significantly extend the life of your favorite leather jacket or boots by providing proper care and proper storage.

Leather things should never be machine washed. If, nevertheless, there is a need for thorough cleaning, it is recommended to contact a specialized dry cleaner.

Ironing can only be done at low temperatures from the seamy side, through a layer of natural fabric.

Dry leather products only on a hanger with a soft cover, away from the rays of the sun and heating elements, never on batteries!

It is impossible to store leather products in plastic bags; for this it is worth purchasing a cover made of natural fabric.

To prevent “kinks”, you need to keep the natural shape of the product, put a dense, stable filler in the boots.

Subject to all the recommendations and special conditions, the leather item will serve the owner as long as possible.